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The towers attack the baseband radio in your phone and use it to hack the OS; they’re only visible if you’re using one of the customized, paranoid-Android, post-Snowden secure phones, and they’re all around US military bases.

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15 Day Dragon Age Graphics Challenge

Day 3: Pick a side: mages or templars?

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- They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy.
- What a bunch of a-holes.

Good movie though, recommended

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Dragon Age II - Flemeth cosplay

by MonoAbel

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Thanks to an awesome visionary known only as the GIGABEETLE, we’re learning that, when he isn’t busy battling Kaiju, Godzilla has a very active social life. There’s cosplay and gaming and dancing and coloring and exercising and so much more.

For plenty more goofy Godzilla goodness follow GIGABEETLE right here on Tumblr at gigabeetle over on Twitter. You’re guaranteed many a good giggle.

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It’s a tense night in Ferguson, but luckily no outbreak of violence. 

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"Video games are art"


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So much for the scientists.


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My three year old is always happy when he loses, and he always looses. Throws his hands up and smiles when the “You Lost” fireworks go off.

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Jefferson sez, “This paper won the Outstanding Paper Award at AAAI-04 (Amer. Assoc. for AI’s National Conf.) in July. In a nutshell, they took the trace from a person carrying a GPS unit around with him for a month. With no hand labelling of the data, they were able to build a model of the person’s travel behavior including frequent destinations (work, home, grocery friends homes), and modes of transportation (bus vs. walking). With new data, the model can predict, on-line, the traveler’s most likely destination, and detect ‘unknown activities’ (e.g. strange behavior).”

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I’m sure the NSA & GCHQ will love love that.